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Frequently Asked Questions

Which protocols does the player support?

The player supports:

Does the player support ads?

Yes, the player supports ads in VAST format, as well as work with SCTE-35 in HLS and DASH.

Which browsers the player supports?

Which browsers supports DRM in playernow?

The table shows the types of DRM that work in this browser. A dash means DRM is not supported.

Browser ↓ Windows Mac Linux Android iOS < 12 iOS >= 12 iPad 13
Chrome (72+) Widevine Widevine Widevine FairPlay FairPlay
Firefox (65+) Widevine Widevine Widevine FairPlay FairPlay
Microsoft Edge Widevine, PlayReady Widevine Widevine
Internet Explorer ≤ 11
Chromium (86+)
Safari (12+) FairPlay FairPlay FairPlay
Opera (58+) Widevine Widevine FairPlay FairPlay
Opera Mini (50+)
Yandex browser (19+) Widevine Widevine FairPlay FairPlay

Does the player support subtitles?

Yes, the player supports one or few subtitles (in VTT format).

How to insert subtitles into the player?

You can add subtitles by yourself by specifying the following parameters in the url:


where en — this is the name of the language (encoded), and '' — encoded URL of the subtitle file.

If there are several subtitles, specify further in order:


Or you can add subtitles on the page and get a code that can be inserted into your site. Specify the name for the language (for example, “EN” or “english”) and the link to the VTT subtitle file.

Does the player support auto select quality?

If your video has several qualities (in HLS and DASH formats), by default, when you start the video, the optimal quality will be selected, based on the speed of the Internet connection (bandwidth). Different browsers handle auto-select differently. Most choose the best possible, but optimal in terms of bandwidth (most often 720p). But some browsers (Mozilla FireFox, Opera versions less 80, Chrome versions less 85 on tablets, and some others) prefer low quality by default.

Auto selection of maximum quality

If you have a need to always automatically display the maximum quality in all browsers without exception, use the setting “Init Max Quality” on constructor page. In player code will be added &initMaxQuality=true, which “tell” your browser to choose the maximum possible quality automatically.

Does the player support multiple audio tracks?

Yes, our player supports the selection of audio tracks in the interface. Audio tracks should be added into mp4 before the file is converted to HLS or DASH playlist. The HLS format supports custom audio track names (you can set them through our constructor). The DASH format will display the track name as it was originally set in the mp4 file itself. The mp4 format supports up to 16 embedded audio tracks.

Support player functions for users with disabilities

The Playernow can be operated by users with disabilities. Using the TAB key on the keyboard, you can navigate through the player's buttons, calling up the submenus and confirming your choice of settings with the Enter key.

Errors issued by the player

[30001] Failed to load playlist

There may be several reasons:

[30002] Failed to load subtitles

There may be several reasons:

[30003] Failed to load poster

There may be several reasons:

[30004] Failed to load FairPlay certificate

There may be several reasons:

[40001] Your browser does not support DRM

Your browser does not support the type of DRM required for video playback. You can see what types of DRM your browser supports on the main page in the block “DRM support by your browser”. Also listed above are browsers that support certain types of DRM.

[40002] Specify video source

The player did not receive a link to a video file or playlist. If the error is displayed on the playernow! constructor page, the “Start test” button may not have been pushed.

[40003] Video is not available

There may be several reasons:

[40004] Video is not supported by your browser

There may be several reasons: